Quality is King: Fabulous Fuel

At Cafe Racer Coffees, we want to create a unique product to drive your day, and a culture behind it. In developing this car lovers' coffee brand, it was important to us to do things the right way, down to every detail. We want to stay true to our values and create a product and a culture that we are proud to stand behind. It is important to us that our product is created in an ethical manner and is of the highest quality and consistency. To ensure this, we called in some experts. We have made it a priority to develop a trusting relationship with a local supplier with more than 30 years in the business to bring us high-quality, fair-trade beans.

We will be sourcing our beans from a variety of coffee producing countries around the world including Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya, and some others. It is important to us that we are educated on our product and current methods of production as well as roasting and brewing, so we can provide you with the best information as well. We understand that enjoying coffee is very specific to the individual. With that in mind, we are releasing 3 initial blends to have something for everyone. Furthermore, we found it important to send out "Notes from the Roaster" with our deliveries to give our specific tips on getting the most from your blend. We want to ensure you are getting the best freshness and richest flavor pulled out of every cup.

It's not just our coffee that carries the quality here. We take pride in our business methods and customer service. Rather than just sell amazing coffee, it is our mission to create a community to bring people together and make a positive impact. We have already had the pleasure of creating 2 feature videos with the release of 2 of our blends and are looking forward to sharing the stories of more people as we continue. There is something so cool about sharing a cup of coffee and hearing the history behind a person and their ride.

We are also so excited about the projects we have been able to help fuel already. The things that bring us the most joy are being able to reward people who are out doing good in their community. This past month we had the opportunity to connect with Operation Combat Bikesaver, who helps to rebuild motorcycles with veterans and we were able to give their hard working volunteers a little boost. Cafe Racer Coffees has also been able to participate in a local life-skills program where children with special needs are delivering coffee to their school staff every Friday. That was a really special thing to see those kids spreading smiles and learning along the way.

This is more than quality coffee. We are looking in every direction to create the best coffee and a strong community surrounding it. If you have feedback on your experience with us, ideas on a project we could be involved in, or a story we should share, we'd love to hear about it, so please reach out. We are passionate about this business, and just like our cars and bikes, the details can make all the difference.


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