Black Friday is here and we have good news and bad news!

The good news is our light roast blend, American Muscle, is on a huge sale this weekend at $9.99! That's unheard of, but it's Black Friday so tis' the season for remarkable deals.

This bring us to the bad news. There's only so much room in the garage, so when it's gone, its gone. We have limited quantities of American Muscle and don't expect to be roasting this blend again soon, so get it while you can! Get it!

Lets get back to the good news...

Our second huge Black Friday deal is our signature "Wake Up. Drink Coffee. Go Fast" logo shirt. We love these shirts and are sad to see the last of them go, but this weekend you can grab the last few at just $9.99!! Get it!

In other news, we have the release of our holiday gift boxes today!

The Speed Triple is back! This includes a 12 oz. bag of each of our 3 original

blends, American Muscle, THE CHAMP, and Carbon, as well as our exclusive coffee bean filled ornament and dark chocolate Piroulines to really give it that holiday feel. Get it!

New to the line up this year is the Moto-Man gift box! We are really stoked about this one. This is the perfect gift for any man in your life, but especially one you want to impress! Nothing says manly like smooth coffee and a smooth beard. This gift not only includes our most popular blend of coffee, and a stainless Cafe Racer Coffees mug, but also some really high quality beard oil! We brought in DejaVu Foundry to provide a "Summer in the Smokys" blend of essential oils that smells almost as awesome as the coffee. Of course we added the coffee bean ornament for a little extra cheer, but don't worry, its still chill enough for any bachelor pad, or real view mirror. Get it!

We might just be saving a little something extra up our sleeves, so trust me when I say the funs not over. You'll want to fasten your seatbelt and stay along for the ride this holiday.

Just a little heads up, incase you have a holiday part to organize, or a large group to get little gifts for- We have loved being part of your events this year. We make 2-3 oz. size party favor pouches, with custom labels of course, filled with coffee grounds to send your guests off with something they will actually use- and love!

If you are interested in these, or getting set up with fresh Cafe Racer Coffees shipped to your office regularly, please reach out to us at and we can start working on something for you!

That's all the excitement I can handle for one day, so we hope you had a really fabulous holiday with your family, now let the shopping begin!..and hopefully just get it all over with now so you don't have to be stressing over it last minute. Happy holidays guys!

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